Steam for wellbeing: Esagono chooses Trevil Boilers

The customer

Thalaxoterm Esagono
Salus per aquam – finding health through water – that is Esagono’s mission. For more than twenty years, the company has been making furnishing projects for wellness and beauty centres. Esagono solutions are complete and made to measure: furniture, machines, cosmetics, consultation and training, delivery, transport and assembly.
Thanks to the integrated work of architects, master craftsmen in wood and technical staff, the company distinguishes itself as a leader on the market for project development, quality, design, care for detail and technology.

The requirements

Esagono turned to Trevil to obtain steam generators to be integrated in the two top models of their hydrothermotherapy offer: Thalaxoterm® and Thalatepee®, elegant and innovative wood structures that combine ancient traditions with all the advantages of modern technologies.
Besides the availability of steam, the company asked for the removal of undesired condensation, interface with the machine control software and the possibility of housing all the systems inside the structure in a safe position, not visible to the users but easily accessible for maintenance.

The solution

Trevil found a satisfactory answer to all Esagono’s requests through a project development consisting of four stages.

  • Analysis of the application: Trevil assimilated the indications of performance and operative modes, studying in detail also the existing spaces and electronic interfaces.
  • Definition of the project: Trevil determined the primary parameters: steam requirement, temperature and humidity rate. It designed solutions suitable for the space limits of the housing. Lastly it ensured dialogue between the generator control systems and the machine software.
  • Experimentation and fine tuning: Trevil and Esagono worked together on the experimentation phase and the implementation of the solutions, until the expected result was achieved.
  • Putting into production: After the positive outcome of the tests, Trevil began producing generators for Esagono Thalaxoterm® and Thalatepee®.
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